Products with "value"

Many products of the cooperation network are still under development. However, some sustainable products or product samples - built according to the principle "waste2value" - are already being offered.

Bio-butanol as fuel and basic chemical

The cooperation network, particularly Fritzmeier Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, is working to produce butanol from waste material of the mill industry.

Olive extracts for food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics

The network partner N-Zyme BioTec GmbH extracts active substances from olive extracts for food and animal feed, pharmaceutical applications, and cosmetics.

Protein hydrolysates for technical applications

The partner ANiMOX GmbH extracts protein hydrolysates from slaughterhouse and plant waste. ANiMOX sells i.a. the protein hydrolysate ANiPeptTM which can serve – due to its multiple functional properties - as basic product or chemistry component (e.g. for adhesives, tensides, foams, polymers, coating, films, and packaging material).

Raw material for cosmetics

As part of the networks projects, Dr. Straetemans GmbH develops and commercializes high-quality natural raw materials for the cosmetics industry.

Sustainable lubricants

The company Fuchs Schmiermittel GmbH develops i.a. environmentally friendly lubricants on the basis of renewable materials.

Biological food colorants

The nature provides a variety of interesting natural colorants. The network "BioPlastik" and in particular the company Sensient Colors Europe GmbH aims at developing new food colorants from waste material of the processing food industry.

Terpenes – raw material from the paper industry

As raw material for many applications, the network partner UPM GmbH makes available terpenes which arise in the paper industry.

Mill industry side products

Brans, low-grade flours & co. – arising as side products during grain grinding – can be purchased at Wurmmühle in Dachau. The mill supports a sustainable further use of this waste material.

"Value" generating services

Engineering services

Development of production concepts, machine construction, special machines and prototypes, development of automated fluid-handlings – the network partner provenion GmbH provides individual engineering services under the one roof. This facilitates the development of production processes such that "waste" efficiently and cost-optimized becomes "value".

Contract research with focus on plant oils

The network partner Pilot Pflanzenöle Magdeburg e.V. offers contract research and services for the extraction of plant oils, plant proteins and bio-materials.

Contract research with focus on plant proteins & secondary plant compounds

The network partner Fraunhofer IVV offers contract research and services in the field of extraction of secondary plant compounds and proteins from residual materials.

Contract research - polymers and plastics from renewable waste material

The department "Biobased plastics" at Fraunhofer UMSICHT develops application oriented bio-based plastics. The compouds and composites offer specific and often new property profiles, which are similar or even better compared to oil-based polymer materials. The complete development chain is covered - from polymerization to plastics processing and extensive material characterization.

Sustainability analyses

As partner of the network "Waste2Value", the department "Resources and innovation management" at Fraunhofer UMSICHT offers sustainability analyses to guarantee the environmentally friendliness and sustainability of innovative products, and to point out possible optimizations.